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Hot Selling Electric Cars from AutoFromChina

Electric Cars has been around in China since 2010, thanks to Chinese government's initiative to help car makers to transition from gasoline powered cars to electric cars.

Fast forward to 2020, car makers in China have greatly advanced their ability to product electric cars and more and more electric cars are coming to market for sale.

We have chery-picked several models of electric cars from various car makers that are selling like hot cakes recently. If you are interested in any one of them, feel free to place an order on our website. 
Let us know if you need any help. 

BYD Yuan Electric SUV

Link: https://www.autofromchina.com/new-byd-yuan-ev-suv-p1458.html

JAC IEV7S Electric SUV
Link: https://www.autofromchina.com/new-jac-iev7s-electric-suv-p1917.html

Geely Geometry A Electric Sedan
Link: https://www.autofromchina.com/2019-used-geely-geometry-a-electric-car-p1933.html

Changan Eado EV460 Electric Sedan
Link: https://www.autofromchina.com/new-changan-eado-ev460-electric-sedan-p1919.html